Pablo Zapata is a Colombian artist whose vibrant work seeks to create a unique, self-reflective perspective-engaging moment for the viewer. His use of color, texture, and language allows him to capture a moment that can evoke a range of emotions, from hopefulness and happiness to anxiety and anger. Zapata aims to transfigure reality, taking the viewer beyond the light into a timeless realm that conveys simplicity and peacefulness.

Zapata’s technique involves using shades of one color over one base color to achieve a luminous effect. In addition, he employs chiaroscuro to create an atmosphere of dawn, twilight, and romance. Finally, his use of the moon in some of his works serves as an aesthetic and poetic message conveyor of our state of affairs and challenges the viewer to dig deeper into the meaning of his artwork.

Zapata’s work is philosophical and conceptual, using intense colors to create atmospheric abstracts with simple forms of a creamy texture. He uses vast monochromatic fields punctuated by one or two thin, vertical lines, demonstrating his excellent motor control and talent. Zapata has exhibited his work in Colombia and the United States. His artwork is an emotional and introspective experience that leaves a lasting impression on the viewer.