María Esther Panesso is a visionary artist from Bogota, Colombia, who paints original portraits using oil and acrylic paints on abstract backgrounds. Her work is characterized by its intended popular appeal and engagement with popular culture, downplaying the artist’s hand to subvert the idea of originality and preciousness. Her realistic representation of the human figure attempts to bring the reality of dreams and spirituality into her art, creating a world of visual poetry that reveals the symbolic and the mystical.

María Esther’s work is passionate about color and frequently blends the portrait’s realism with the background’s abstract elements. Her vibrant colors create an accessible, boundless atmosphere emphasizing the main character’s independence and strength. Although part self-taught, María Esther has had some formal instruction in visual arts, including figurative art combined with patterns and expressionistic abstracts.

María Esther’s work has gained a large following on social media, particularly on Instagram and YouTube, where she demonstrates her abilities. Her work can be found in collections in various countries, including Mexico, Guatemala, Canada, Australia, the United States, Peru, and Ecuador, as well as in galleries in Cartagena and Medellin.