“Homages” Interventions of famous paintings.

Daniel Borda’s work can be described as a unique blend of realism and surrealism. Through his “Homages” series, Borda recreates famous paintings with a surreal twist, adding other symbols and details that interact with the original work. This creates an alternative reality and prompts viewers to question their perceptions and thought processes.

Borda’s surrealism allows him to distort reality and create a “sub-reality” where familiar objects take on a different meaning and become conceptual messages. Yet, despite the surrealist touches, Borda’s work maintains a sense of realism, with attention paid to the physical appearance of the objects and figures within the paintings.

Borda’s unique style has led him to exhibit his work extensively in Colombia and abroad, including in Spain, Thailand, the United States, Panama, China, Costa Rica, and Venezuela. Throughout his career, Borda has held sixteen solo exhibitions and participated in numerous group exhibitions, showcasing his talent and distinctive artistic vision.